Howdy! I'm Nate and I live in Kansas. I like it for the most part. My passions are hunting, Wildlife Conservation, animals, and firearms. Here you will find rants, pictures of Nature, animals, firearms, and various other things that I enjoy and that catch my eye as well as other things that I simply feel the need to put on here.
I love Native American and Cowboy culture. It’s in my blood. I am spiritual to an extent and in my opinion I believe that Nature is God and from what I have experienced, it most certainly is. I also love living the country lifestyle and honoring tradition and my roots. I don’t feel that there is any other way for me to live.
I plan on getting my degree in Wildlife Biology and Administration of Justice so that I may someday become a Game Warden. It’s honestly my dream job. I’ll be able to spend all day outside and be able to directly help with efforts in habitat restoration, wildlife conservation (even more so than I do now by hunting), and the removal of poachers.






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spooning is the best because i get to see how long it takes to give you a boner with my ass

Girls are evil for this right here.


I really just want someone I can finally pour all of my love into, someone I can invest wholly and completely, and trust that they won’t run away with my heart.